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I'm posting photos from our district and from the State House, viewable by all, at




Experienced Leader

Creative Problem-Solver

Diligent Researcher

Compassionate Listener

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Irene Wrenner has been named one of 55 Vermont candidates endorsed for the 2022 General Election by Rights & Democracy, a movement to build healthy, just, and equitable communities for all.


Irene Wrenner is one of 20 Vermont Senate candidates endorsed by Vermont Conservation Voters (VCV) for their commitment to VCV's vision and values: advancing and defending policies that protect the environment and promote health while advancing social, racial, and economic justice; and strengthening our democracy.

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Irene Wrenner has been endorsed by VPIRG Votes, whose mission is to support and elect public interest champions who will promote and protect the health of Vermont’s people, environment, and locally-based economy.


Irene Wrenner has been named as one of 400 candidates nationwide endorsed for 2022 by Renew U.S., a movement to elect progressive candidates and pass legislation that advances economic justice, racial justice, and climate justice.


Irene Wrenner has been endorsed by the Planned Parenthood Vermont Action Fund IE PAC, which supports candidates who are committed to a person’s right to make their own decisions about their health care, as well as to prioritizing equitable, unwavering access to sexual and reproductive health care for all. 


Irene Wrenner has been endorsed by the Vermont Chapter of the Sierra Club, as an environmental champion. 


Click to see how many and what type of answers my opponents and I each provided to voters via the VTDigger Election Guide.

   Click to hear Wrenner's summer interview.
   Click to hear August opponent on WVMT.

   Click to hear Wrenner's fall interview.

November opponent declined an interview.




I ran to represent 22,000 people in 4 towns – Milton, Westford, Fairfax, and Essex (rural) – in a brand new Vermont State Senate District.

(Click for more info)

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For 18 years I've knocked on doors, listened to residents, and addressed their concerns.


Inside and outside town hall, I worked creatively and continuously to improve communication, transparency, and fairness in taxation and representation for 22,000 residents of Essex.

My insistence that voters be heard in the halls of power hasn't found favor with entrenched politicians. But the majority of voters continue to show up and back my proposals 9 victories thus far to achieve just outcomes.

For example, my efforts to resist a Special Taxing District in 2016 prevented the severing of two recreation departments from their municipal roots and kept taxation in check.


The recent Separation of Essex Junction from Essex Town provides two communities one mostly urban, one mostly rural the freedom and fairness both have sought for 64 years.


My work leading 4 successful campaigns (2007, 2020, 2021[x2]) gave a voice to the Town voters whom officials excluded from the board table during negotiations.


Those Town voters continued to push back at the ballot box, each of the 4 times they were asked to vote for fairness over 15 years. Finally, Town voices were heard.

In the meantime, each Town property owner saved $5,500 in total (on average) as my efforts, backed by voters, kept the Merger Tax at bay.


I'm eager for our 4 towns to reimagine how we're represented in the Senate!

I'd like to represent you, whatever your background, political leanings, or opinions.

Elect me in the upcoming General Election to:

- See You

- Hear You

- Represent You


Here's some of the unsolicited praise that I've earned through my service:

"You taught me the importance of keeping accurate government records." 
As Dianne, age 62, watched Selectboard meetings, she grew to appreciate my tenacious efforts to correct meeting minutes, distribute the untold facts to voters, and, most recently, publish a newspaper offering "the rest of the news."

"I don't think of you as a politician. I think of you as a care-er."

"I am a lifelong Republican, but you can count on my vote in the Democratic Primary," said Barbara, age 82.

"You pi** off all the right people."

Rich, age 70, knows that, in order to make a difference in local government, I had to behave differently. I've had to call out conflicts of interest, and politely correct officials who provided misinformation or disinformation. Those who preferred to operate without scrutiny have retaliated, shamelessly and repeatedly.

"You are VERY approachable and real."

J. Newman, age 60, also wrote, "You took the time with me ... to explain our antiquated local government. Which is not exactly straight forward, and doesn't always make sense to us lay people. ... I have learned a lot from you. You have become my local government sensei. Thank you!"

"Thank you for noticing me."

Doris, age 93, reminded me at a library event how much it meant to her that I look out for and listen to people who aren't loud, flashy or powerful. 

I understand not everyone is comfortable speaking truth to power or wants to compete to be heard. But every one reading this page has life experiences that can inform my work on your behalf.

Please let me know what issues are important to you and might be added to this list:

  • Livable Wages

  • Affordable Health Care 

  • Community Mental Health Supports

  • Reasonably-Priced Prescription Drugs

  • High-Quality, Affordable Child Care

  • Fair Taxation of Corporations and Upper-Income Households

  • Housing for Everyone

  • Fully Fund Police

  • Bodily Autonomy

  • Accessible Voting

  • End Food Insecurity

  • Support Local Food Production

  • Increase Protection for Vermont's Environment


In addition to quick Facebook posts, I provide occasional detailed updates to Front Porch Forum and local newspapers. 
Please feel free to get in touch via email, text, phone any time.

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